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FACTR USA is built on a foundation of quality, utility, and reliability. Going beyond parts and accessories, we design and deliver solutions that optimize the interface between user and equipment.

For us, "MADE IN USA" means one thing: a commitment to design, source, and manufacture our materials and products on American soil.



The Founders 

Mike Guttridge, Head of Product

Following a career in the construction industry, Mike switched gears to spearhead product development with a rapidly growing firearms manufacturer for 3 years. He worked to develop one of the industry's leading frame designs and maintained oversight of development from concept to production. Under his leadership, the company experienced massive growth and made their name in the production of aftermarket Glock frames and accessories. He has since moved on and continues to provide engineering and design support to the firearms industry today. As the Head of Product for FACTR USA, Mike combines a passion for firearms and his understanding of modern engineering practices with a design philosophy that places the user at the forefront of every decision for FACTR products.


Joshua Mulvihill, Head of Sales and Marketing

Josh has served the public as a Paramedic in Northern California since 2014. Excelling in his EMS career, Josh has worked in training and development programs for budding EMS professionals as well as branched out into marketing and content creation for multiple non-profits. Through a short tenure at a fast-growing firearms company, Josh found a passion for this dynamic industry and the 2A community. Josh plans to bring community and American manufacturing together to create a brand that individuals can identify with and stand behind for years to come.



Have questions?

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