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Got a question? Got a problem? Feelin' lonely? Drop us a line below, and we will do our best to help you out.

For all other emergencies, please dial 911...or text 208.273.9973

Before you reach out, here are some FAQs that may contain the answer to your question(s):

1. Porch Pirates got me and my package was stolen, what do I do?

If you opt out of the Route Coverage that is automatically added to your order prior to checkout, FACTR is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen orders. If you did purchase Route coverage at checkout, you're in luck! File a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged product HERE or text us at 415.417.2266...but click the link first, that's way easier.
2. I think my package was delivered to the wrong address...what can I do?
Before we are able to do anything, you will need to confirm that your package is not retrievable. If one of your neighbors didn't receive the package and it's nowhere to be found, shoot us a text at 208.273.9973 and we can verify your shipping details. 
3. I haven't seen any updates on my tracking number...WTF??
We know how annoying this is, and we promise it isn't happening on purpose. The reality is that once your package has left our facility in Idaho, we do not have any more information at our disposal than you do. If it has been more than 5 days without an update from Route tracking or a package delivery, file a claim with Route HERE or text us at 208.273.9973...but click the link first, that's way easier.
4. Do you have a Stiffy™ for my....
Go read the product pages! We tell you specifically what pistol braces our models are compatible with. If you don't know what brace you have...and you can't figure it out via an internet search...shoot us a text and we will give you a hand.
5. You don't make a Stiffy™ for my...
Okay...this one is legit. We need your feedback to decide what pistol braces are in the highest demand for a Stiffy™. Shoot us a text at 208.273.9973 with what you are looking for, this really does help us out!
Thank you! We really do try. If you have a minute drop us a review and tell your friends! Then go follow us on the socials (links in the footer). We love hearing from the #FACTRFAM, so don't be a stranger.
If none of the above helped you out and you don't want to text us at 208.273.9973 (this will be easier and much faster), please fill out and submit the form below.