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Stiffen Up: Taking a Look at the FACTR Stiffy

Posted by Forrest Cooper on Mar 1st 2022

Stiffen Up: Taking a Look at the FACTR Stiffy

Forrest Cooper

May 25, 2021

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FACTR Stiffy Cover

The pistol stabilizing brace has become so ubiquitous in American homes that the idea of banning them might look good on paper, but would be demonstrably impossible in execution. No plan survives first… you know the thing. And for what they are, braces also serve as a testament of use, for no regularly used one has stiff, straight flaps. All across the country and on instagram feeds world-wide, the hallmark of dedication often looks like a softened brace. To support all the hard work they go through, the FACTR Stiffy brings new blood into a well-used system.

Factr Stiffy

As of the time of writing, the FACTR stiffy comes in 3 different options: SBA3, SBA4, and SBPDW/Maxim Defense PDW/CQB. Each Stiffy is meant to sit in the brace when not being used, and is for storage purposes only. Brace specific, they do not fit in many other models, so double check before ordering.

FACTR Stiffy

Designed to add longevity to the Brace, the FACTR Stiffy gives it support during storage.

The FACTR Stiffy is compatible with the Wise Men Company Split Fix. For those using the OEM strap, it should be tightened to better flatten out what bends and ridges have been accrued from prior use. Priced at $25, the small investment goes a long way.

FACTR Stiffy

Tucking a sling under the strap helps both silence the QD swivel stud, and keep the sling contained.

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After a few weeks of use, the condition of the tested SBA3 brace improved. Throughout the travel to and from the range, and after being stored in multiple pelican cases, the FACTR Stiffy has earned its keep.

FACTR USA sells a host of their own pistol upgrades for Glock handguns, including triggers, magwells, and magazine accessories. In addition to firearms accessories, they also offer a swath of curated medical gear.


MSRP: $25 (save 10% with code RECOIL10)

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